The country celebrated its many and varied windmill and water mill sites during the NATIONAL MILLS WEEKEND in May and, as part of that, Drapers Windmill had a very popular open weekend.

Nationally, you can find out more about this special weekend here: https://www.spab.org.uk/mills/NMW



A Short History

Built in 1845 by John Holman, millwright of Canterbury, Drapers Windmill is of the traditional Kentish Smock style. The windmill was originally one of three on the site, 2 built to grind corn and another to pump water. It was worked entirely by wind until 1916 when a gas engine was installed.

After the war the mills started to fall into disrepair and all were threatened with demolition. Thankfully, due to the resourcefulness of Mr R Towes, then headmaster of Drapers Mills School, the Drapers Windmill Trust was established in 1965 to restore and secure the future of the remaining windmill.

Now, nearly 60 years on, the trust still cares for the mill and it is open for you to visit and enjoy on Sunday afternoons during the summer months.

We look forward to seeing you at the mill soon!


A short video introduction to the mill, its history, workings, restoration and environs.


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